Türkçe İngilizce Arapça Rusça

Our manufacturing thesis is located in Turkey. Capacity of our Manufacturing thesis is 1000 couple shoes for a week and our short time destination is making twice of this capacity.

At Production process, quality and low cost are our priority. Producing our Orthopedic  shoes with low cost provides us to sell them with low prices.

As indicated at the home page, Kiddy Orthopedic tries to keep maintenance of working together with it's purchasers. Quality and affordable price are two features which have to be property of a good shoe.

The leathers which we use in manufacturing of our shoes are produced by high quality calf leather. Especially, using calfskin in lining and upper of shoe, has a major place because of foot healthy. Due to the fact that, calfskin is natural and has porous structure which provides breathing of feet. Thus, this make feet touch the fresh air and prevents sweating.

In a day, keeping the feet in shoe which made by not convenient materials can cause sweating of feet. This wetness is a convenient place to becoming harmful fungi bacteria. This is some of one reason of using calf leather in shoe manufacturing process. Calf leather has naturally soft structure thus kids will be comfortable with our shoes while they are standing, walking and running.

Major factors as much as material quality in the process of manufacturing compatible orthopedic shoes, boots and sandals are modelling, shoe lasts and quality of workmanship.

When manufacturing orthopedic shoes, these factors become more important. With our workers who are expert in their field of study, we will keep to manufacture best orthopedic shoes for our children.

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